Dugtong Buhay, Handog ng Lingkod Bayan (Extension of Life, Gift of Public Service)

In celebration of the 123rd Philippines Civil Service Anniversary, the Local Government Unit (LGU) of Cateel, led by Mayor Emilou C. Nunez, joined hands with several Barangay LGUs, namely Alegria, Baybay, San Antonio, San Vicente, and Poblacion, to organize a three-day Blood Donation Drive on September 11 – 12, and 14. This initiative was in honor of the anniversary and as an observance of Municipal Ordinance 03-2022.

The Blood Donation Drive was held in the covered courts of Barangays Alegria, San Antonio, and Poblacion. Various organizations, including the Philippine National Red Cross Mati City and Davao City Chapter, DOH Human Resource for Health, Philippine National Police, Bureau of Fire Protection, Armed Forces of the Philippines, and the Provincial Health Office of Davao Oriental, collaborated to make this event a success and save lives.

The dedicated employees of the LGU Cateel and the Barangay Officials, including Punong Barangay Brendan V. Castro, Punong Barangays Rudelyn M. Salvaña, Liezl Gregori B. Ebrano, and Arlene A. Lasquite, took the lead by setting an example and volunteering to donate blood during the event. Their selflessness and commitment to this cause inspired others to follow suit.

In recognition of their efforts, the Provincial Health Office of Davao Oriental awarded Plaques of Appreciation to the Barangays in the municipality that achieved a donation rate of more than 1% of their population. These Barangays were Taytayan (4.01%), Maglahus (2.53%), and Mainit (2.17%). This acknowledgment serves as a testament to their dedication to saving lives and contributing to the well-being of the community.

Hon. Dr. Bjorn V. Castro, the Sangguniang Bayan Committee Chair on Health, expressed his immense gratitude for the event and its critical role in replenishing the blood reserves. He acknowledged that the blood reserves had been instrumental in aiding patients, particularly the residents of Cateel, who were in need of blood transfusions.

Through the collective efforts of the community, a total of 98 units of blood were successfully collected during the blood donation drive. This achievement showcases the power of unity and emphasizes the impact that together, we can make a difference in the lives of others.

The success of this blood donation drive has paved the way for future initiatives. The next blood donation drives are scheduled to take place on the 16th and 26th of November 2023, with the venues soon to be announced. It is projected that these events will continue to gather support and contribute to the noble cause of saving lives through blood donation.

The “Dugtong Buhay, Handog ng Lingkod Bayan” Blood Donation Drive serves as a shining example of how public service can bring about a positive change in society. The collaboration and selflessness displayed by the LGU Cateel, Barangay LGUs, and various organizations highlight the spirit of community and the willingness to go above and beyond for the welfare of others.

As we celebrate the 123rd Philippines Civil Service Anniversary, let us be inspired by the remarkable efforts of Cateel’s public servants. May their dedication to serving others and their commitment to making a difference serve as a reminder to us all that through acts of kindness and unity, we can create a better and more compassionate society.